Summer time.  Insert any popular song adjective after those 2 words.  It’s personally my favorite time of the year.  It’s the time of the year where you could sit outside in your underwear and feel comfortable!  It’s the time where school is out of session and people just seem happier and more upbeat.  It’s the time of year where that annoying noise of the neighborhood ice cream truck doesn’t seem quite so annoying.  It’s the time of year where we celebrate our country’s heritage by blowing it up!  It’s also the time of the year where baseball reigns supreme.  THAT’S RIGHT…BASEBALL!!

Although I enjoy going to Phillies games and Major League Baseball games in general, in some ways they’ve lost what attracted me to baseball so much as a kid.  Like most professional sports they’ve become a business, almost corporate to a T.  Don’t get me wrong if someone offers me a chance to go to a Phillies game I will go, but there’s something alluring about going to a Minor League Game.

Going to a Minor League Baseball game is almost like stepping into a time machine.  What I mean by that is that you still see the purity, the Mom and Pops concessions, the wacky promotions, the family-oriented game that it was in our parents generation.  I love visiting different minor league stadiums and just soaking all of that in.  It brings back that type of nostalgia that I had when I was 6 and invoke stories of baseball that I’ve heard from past generations.  It’s events such as Minor League Baseball games that get me excited about baseball and summer!

This is why I’m writing a “Minor League Blog.”  This blog will consist of random minor league tidbits such as:  promotional schedules, stadium facts, food dishes, historical facts and some game reviews of stadiums that I hope to visit this year.  I hope that you all enjoy reading this and in the words of crotchety umpires everywhere…PLAY BALL!!!


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