Kratz Gets the Call!

Erik Kratz

Erik Kratz gets the call!

The Philadelphia Phillies have been dreadful on offense this year.  Watching this Phillies team play this year has been a more unpleasant experience then watching Sinbad do stand-up comedy.  But luckily for all you local Phillies fans…help has arrived!  I would like to congratulate catcher Erik Kratz on being called up from the Lehigh Valley IronPigs!  A casual fan may wonder why I am applauding a call-up of a 32-year-old journeyman catcher.  But Kratz is an example of what hard work and persistence can bring.

Kratz is a 3-time International League All-Star.  He is also a local Philadelphia guy from Telford, PA and went to Christopher Dock High School (my high school).  After this call-up I guarantee he has gained celebrity status if he ever walks in there again!

Another reason why I’m writing a blog post to Kratz is because of his dedicated fan base.  I would safely assume that his devoted fan club has contributed a good amount of money to the IronPigs box office.  I hope Kratz doesn’t get sent down soon but if he does…the IronPigs would be smart to offer him a long-term deal because of his followers!  In the words of Kevin Costner:  “if you play him…they will come.”

Also even though I think he’s 1 of the better talk show hosts in the city…I got to rip Mike Missanelli of the Fanatic radio station on this one.  He spent a long segment ripping the Phillies decision on calling up Kratz and how they should call up Domonic Brown to see what he’s got.  Also I can’t really disagree with his logic…I was appalled on how 1 can disrespect Mr. Kratz…the King of the Christopher Dock Alumni!  But I guess if I went to Bristol High School…I would feel the need to drink the haterade on a Dock alum!  In all seriousness though it’s awesome that Kratz got called up to his hometown team…he definitely deserves it!

Keep your eyes posted for the game of the week post later this week!


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