Team Ghost Rider-Monkeys Riding Dogs!

Monkeys Riding Dogs!

Monkeys Riding Dogs!

As I reflect on some of the minor league games I have attended in the past…there are a few games that stand out above the rest.  Last year I had the honor of attending a Wilmington (Wilmington, DE- Royals Single A) Blue Rocks game with a few of my closest friends.  Little did we know that night we would witness one of the greatest spectacles any baseball crowd had ever witnessed.  Never before in my life had I ever thought it was possible for monkeys to be riding dogs in a rodeo.  That night expanded my imagination and proved me wrong!

That night at the ballpark the Blue Rocks provided their fans with a monkey/dog rodeo show!

The outfit that provides this entertainment is called “Team Ghost Rider” and they are pretty well known nationally.  They travel the country mostly as sideshows in sporting events, sometimes other rodeos.  But this rodeo act got their big break performing at the Blue Rocks games and brought the creativity level of a minor league promotion to a whole new level!

Team Ghost Rider is led by a rodeo cowboy named Tim “Wild Thang” Lepard.  Tim was a rodeo cowboy who got injured during 1 of his shows and needed another entertainment act to extend his career.  According to his website and testimony that I heard at the game his dream as a kid was to “own a monkey.”  So I guess mixing his rodeo experience with his dream gave us this original and mind-blowing act that consists of monkeys riding dogs.

Team Ghost Rider’s act is actually pretty impressive.  It boggles my mind how Mr. Lepard was able to train monkeys and dogs simultaneously to start a show.  It makes me wonder what his house looks like…if there are monkeys and dogs roaming his yard!  But Team Ghost Rider consists of usually 3 or 4 dog/monkey pairs where monkeys are strapped to the top of a Collie breed.  They then perform tricks ranging from races, to one handed stands by the monkey.  The signature of this act is when they monkey/dogs attempt to herd goats throughout the ballpark.  This provides for some really hilarious and harmless fun.  As a ballplayer I have no idea how one can stay focused when all of this is going on.  Although there have been a few incidents of goats roaming too close to the ball players as they’re warming up between innings.

Team Ghost Rider tours throughout the country during the summer, appearing at a few minor league stadiums along the way.  If these guys ever venture out to a stadium near you, I would highly recommend you go out and see them.  They will provide you with an unforgettable night of entertainment!

People often associate something that is unbelievable with the idea of flying pigs.  What kind of feeling would one associate with the idea of monkey-riding dogs?

* A personal video will be included very soon!


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